Claim Our Space commits to curating events that are:

  • Highly collaborative: We believe our clients hold the "secret sauce" that will lead to meaningful engagements. We encourage our clients to be highly collaborative throughout the experiential design process. We prefer to meet regularly with your team in-person or via video conferencing throughout the curation process. We will create and manage a project work plan after we meet with your team for an initial event visioning. We will co-work with your team using your project management tools of choice. We have experience with the following tools: Asana, Trello, Google Suite, Slack, and Basecamp.

  • Supportive of local economies: We commit to partnering with vendors who live and work in the communities where your engagements are held. We partner with a community of preferred vendors from historically underserved communities to assist with your event logistics.

  • Fully inclusive: We support engagement projects and events that uphold your organization’s commitment to community-building, and social justice. We are committed to curating events that meet the needs of your guests. Areas to consider include:

    • Culturally-responsive programming

    • Dietary needs

    • Space for spiritual reflection and nursing

    • Gender neutral restrooms

    • Trauma-informed speakers or warnings

    • ADA accessibility

    • Activities that address varying learning-styles

  • Quality: We are committed to curating engagements that are high-quality and innovative while remaining cost effective to your organization. We will work with your team ensure your budget expectations are fully understood and met throughout the curation of your event.

  • Fun: We believe dynamic spaces that lead to deepened relationships should foster joy. We incorporate joy-creating elements into our engagements.



Our Past Experiences

We have worked with the following organizations to curate events. Please contact us with any questions about particular events.

  • VoteRunLead, RunAsYouAre, 2017

  • Northside Achievement Zone, Path to College Walk, 2018

  • GREATER MSP-BE MSP, Getting Real on Workplace Inclusion, 2018

  • Northside Achievement Zone, Family Academy Graduation, 2018

  • Northside Achievement Zone, One Future Luncheon, 2018


Photo Gallery


Getting Real on

Workplace Inclusion


Location: McNamara Alumni Center Memorial Hall (Minneapolis, MN)

A Few Ways We Met Our Commitments:

  • Photography, graphic facilitation services provided by people of color-owned businesses based in Twin Cities metro area

  • Gender-neutral restrooms

  • Activities provided for all eight learning styles


2018 Path to college


Northside Achievement Zone

Locations: West Broadway Avenue Corridor & Minneapolis College (Minneapolis, MN)

A Few Ways We Met Our Commitments:

  • Project plan managed on Google Drive with NAZ working group

  • DJ services provided by woman of color-owned business based in Twin Cities metro area

  • Age-appropriate programming and activities provided for participants ages 4 to 18