Dynamic Experiences

Center for Economic Inclusion, Powering Inclusion Summit, April 2019



Authentic Engagement Through Dynamic Experiences

Claim Our Space works with organizations to curate experiences that are community-centered and inclusive of guests’ needs both in event content and logistics. Claim Our Space collaborates with clients to leverage events to deepen relationships in the communities that they serve and to advance the positive impact of these organizations.

What is Experiential Curation?


An event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone. (Oxford English Dictionary, 2018)


To select, organize, and present using professional or expert knowledge. (Oxford English Dictionary, 2018)

You may read this and think to yourself, “That is such a buzzword!”. Although it is a new term used in the field of event production, Claim Our Space is committed to designing events that are tailored to have a positive on impact your broader work and to create inclusive environments for your guests to build relationships, be inspired, and vision possibilities for your community.


Authentic Engagement

Make It. MSP., Getting Real on Workplace Inclusion

What We Do

Claim Our Space curates and supports community-centered events for organizations that aim to further their impact, attain social justice, and foster deepened relationships in their communities. Claim Our Space commits to approaching all event elements through an equity-centered lens. We offer the following experiential curation services:

  • Visioning & Implementation of Event Design (Using Technology of Participation® facilitation methods)

  • Event Project Plan Development & Management

  • Community Engagement for Recruitment of Guests, Sponsors & Donors

  • Vendor Procurement & Management

  • Food & Beverage Procurement & Management

  • Speaker & Entertainment Procurement 

  • Program Production & Day-of Coordination

  • Venue Procurement & Decor Curation

  • Guest Registration Curation & Management

  • Volunteer Training & Management